Commit 4e7b5a84 authored by Julian Schuh's avatar Julian Schuh
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more verbose output

parent f3c180f2
......@@ -16,12 +16,13 @@ if not from_branches[current_branch] then
local model = platform_info.get_image_name()
local new_models = Set(site.update_stabilizer.models())
if not new_models[platform_info.get_image_name()] then
if not new_models[model] then
print('[+] device matches criteria for change of autoupdater branch')
print('[+] device matches criteria (current branch ' .. current_branch .. ', model ' .. model .. ') for change of autoupdater branch')
local to_branch = site.update_stabilizer.to_branch()
uci:set('autoupdater', 'settings', 'branch', to_branch)
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