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# NYC Mesh Docs
## Usage
Install [Hugo](
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ These GitHub pages serve as our primary public documentation and are editable on
Our [Slack chat]( is a great resource to connect with our active community.
[Getting Started](/how-to)
[Getting Started](/how-to/gettingstarted)
[Networking and Architecture](/networking)
[NYC Mesh](
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There are two standards for ethernet cables. We use T-568B. (oO-gB-bG-brBR)
![window/wall install](/img/ethernet/T-568B.gif)
A straight cable will work as long as both ends are the same configuration, but to stop confusion we are sticking to the standard T-568B, which is the most common one in this country.
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title: "NanoStationM5 Outdoor install"
title: "NanoStationM5 Outdoor"
category: How to
NanoStation NSM5 installs
The simplest install is to use an existing vertical pipe and the two plastic ties that are included with the router. Also a thick PVC pipe can be attached to a railing using clamps.
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