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Our [Slack chat]( is a great resource to connect with our active community.
[Getting Started](/gettingstarted)
[Getting Started](/intro/gettingstarted)
[Networking and Architecture](/networking)
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title: "Glossary"
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**AP**: a wifi Access Point
**Backhaul**: very high bandwidth connections, often point to point.
**BuB**: “Bottom up Broadband” The beneficiaries of the networks actively participate in the planning, deployment and maintenance tasks.
**Captive portal**: a web page that is shown before connecting to the Internet normally
**Cjdns**: Caleb James DeLisle's Network Suite. Encrypted IPv6 mesh protocol.
**Clearnet**: the regular internet as opposed to the hidden web (Tor, I2P, Freenet)
**Commons**: The commons include public libraries, the Internet, parks and roads and some mesh networks. Guifi has a “Wireless Commons License”.
**Dark fiber**: fiber cable that is not connected.
**FNF**: Free Network Foundation
**FFTF**: Fiber From The Farms Broadband Initiative -- Guifi term for BuB
**HNA**: Host and Network Association information used by mesh protocols
**LIR**: local Internet registry, an organization that has been allocated a block of IP addresses by a regional Internet registry (RIR)
**LuCI**: (pronounced Lucy) Lua Unified Configuration Interface, the web interface in OpenWRT
**MANET**: Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork
**node**: WiFi router or other routing devices in a particular location on a network
**OLSR**: Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (popular mesh protocol)
**OpenWRT**: Open source Wireless Receiver/Transmitter (WRT) software
**POE**: Power over ethernet (how Ubiquiti routers get 24 volt power)
**Radio**: The wireless receiver/transmitter part of a router
**RIR**: Regional Internet registry
**SSID**: Service set identification- the Wi-Fi access point name
**WAP**: Wireless Access Point
**WNDW**: Wireless Networking in the Developing World -- essential book
**WRT**: Wireless Receiver/Transmitter software (WRT)
title: "Supernode 4"
aliases: [/networking/supernode4/]
The new [Supernode 4]( is located at St. Francis School for the Deaf.
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